SAFEPAC, serving the National Capital Region with a unique sense of Community, informed by D.C. Pride, and a commitment to the highest standards of industry and professional excellence.

Everyone knows an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At SAFEPAC, we apply that principle in dynamic ways to help you maintain the highest levels of workplace safety, so that you can reach your business objectives. In today’s economic climate, you need every available resource to help you get the job done and reduce the cost of doing business. That includes finding ways to responsibly manage your most valuable resource: Time.

By helping you meet workplace safety standards, and avoid regulatory and safety problems that can be costly and time-consuming, SAFEPAC gives you the ability to eliminate expenses before they impact your bottom line. SAFEPAC provides you with the peace of mind that allows you to focus on successfully growing your business.  Let SAFEPAC provide you with the tools you need to navigate today’s often complicated regulatory maze, so that you can confidently and productively focus on ways to make your business number one in safety, as well as a top competitor. At SAFEPAC, our mission is to help you partner with safety.