An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Life Safety Programs

We help your business develop a philosophy of safety, so that you and your employees can thrive and so that your business can succeed and reach the highest levels of its potential.

High Standards of Safety

SAFEPAC’s role is to provide expert experience in navigating these regulatory mazes, so that you can focus on your bottom line with a greater peace of mind.

Emergency/Continuity Plans

Our industry experts at SAFEPAC can help prepare your employees and operations for hazardous situations that sometimes arise on the job or unexpectedly.

Protected Premise Systems

It’s rewarding  to know that your company’s greatest resource – it’s people – are safe on the job under the best systems.

Fire Protection Systems & Physical Security Q&A

Every business is different and has its own unique challenges. At SAFEPAC, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, and we can provide customized and specific consultation services that will help you meet your business needs. We specialize in general industry requirements, so when in doubt DEAL SAFEPAC IN.  We can provide you answers to your questions and connect you by referral to the best small or large service providers in the industry.

Our Strength Is Our Community

  • Childcare/Adult Care

    “Good bedside manner includes accounting for safety”. -Anjanette Jones, Director Nursing & Rehabilitation

  • Barbering / Cosmetology

    “Knowledge is Power”. -Hon. Mary Hawkins, Barbering/Cosmetology Practitioner

  • Industrial/Utility

    “We all have someone counting on us to return as we left”. – Diane Griffin, Retired EHS Proctor & Gamble

  • Corrections / Reentry

    “Safety is protecting one another in the midst, those we serve, standing side by side, and always praying for one another”. -Deborah Smith-Hill, Correctional Professional

  • Education/Health Care

    “Active threats also happen in education communities with poverty”. -Debo Wakefield, Retired Army Veteran

  • Residential / Commercial

    “The 5-minute safety huddles at work helped me save a life in the community”. -India Day, Community Partner

SAFEPAC "Shadow" Safety Program

The  SAFEPAC “Shadow” Safety Program is committed to the idea that businesses must meet social responsibilities and contribute to building up the communities and customers they serve.   We’ve worked closely over the years with youth from all walks of life to find ways to meet the needs of those whom we serve, not merely as customers or clients, but as neighbors and fellow members of a community we all call home.

Our program is customized to excite our proteges participation, creativity, and build life-long relationships as alumni. Through this program, we also offer community service credits to graduating Seniors by customizing their experience into a soft skill to jump start their future and prepare them for the adventures ahead.

SAFEPAC "Shadow" Safety Program


  • Age group 12-23
  • Must have 3 written referrals
  • Guardian written permission

Disaster Management

  • Mentor Assignment
  • Disaster 101
  • Field Study

Protected Premise Systems

  • Mentor Assignment
  • Protected Premise Systems 101
  • Field Study

General Industry Safety

  • Mentor Assignment
  • General Industry Safety 101
  • Field Study

DMV Careers in General Industry Safety and Public Safety

The saying is, “Safety is a way of life”.  If you’re looking to take your partnership to the next level, contact us for a referral to help you along the way.  We’re not only consultants; we’re a PAC of professionals advising and ushering in lots of talent!